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 Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Sun May 03, 2015 12:22 pm

Staff Rules

1: You cannot abuse your power as a member of staff. This involves the following:

1.1: Manipulation of another user’s profile without a valid reason or their given consent.

1.2: Banning and/ or deleting another member from the forum without reason and/ or giving notice to the main staff.

1.3: Editing/ deleting a post on the forum that is directly related to you in a negative way. If you see a post like this, please report it to a admin, they will deal with the issue in an appropriate manner.

1.4: Banning and/ or kicking a member from the chat without reason.

2: Ensure that you treat fellow staff with respect.

2.1: You cannot put yourself above them in superiority.

2.2: Do not reveal confidential information regarding staff and/ or secret information in relation to SAA to anyone without permission.

2.3: During staff discussions, use PM's and not the public chat.

3: You cannot reveal information in relation to a user’s ban to a non-member of staff.

4: General Thread(s) should be locked by a staff member after two weeks (14 days) of inactivity.

4.1: Threads should be archived after one month (30 days) of inactivity.

4.2: Test result threads should be locked immediately.

4.3: Threads should be locked if the thread is derailed (off topic) for more than one full page of posts, and then are to have extraneous posts deleted promptly.

4.4: Archived/Locked threads are not to be edited, moved, unlocked, or unarchived without valid reason and the consent of a head administrator.

5: Do not reveal private staff information to general forum users/members

6: Use common sense, reason, and be fair when resolving issues.

Forum Rules

1: Don’t make unnecessary posts.

1.1: Don’t make replies with only one or two words (lol, haha, wtf etc). This will be considered as spam.

1.2: Don’t use discriminatory and/ or derogatory comments or insults towards members/ non-members within forum posts.

1.3: Double posting is not allowed (unless your last reply has been made after 24 hours of bumping your post).

1.4: Posting adult content is forbidden.

1.5: Bad language is forbidden within forum posts.

1.6: Keep away from subjects related to the following: religion, politics, personal life, and sexuality.

2: You cannot advertise within forum posts without the permission of an SAA administrator.

3: Users cannot respond to posts in the “Test Results” section as this can cause confusion. If you believe that you were tested inaccurately or have any concerns regarding your result, message your Tester and/ or the Head of Testers.

4: Double accounts are forbidden. First time caught will result in a verbal warning, other attempts will result in all accounts being deleted.

5: Theft of graphics from the forum will result in an immediate IP ban.

6: You can only have two personal signatures at any given time.

7: Large images (exceeding 800x800 pixels) should be put in a spoiler tag.

8: Don't threaten an SAA member of staff and/ or a member of the forum.

Chatbox Rules

1: Spamming within the chatbox is NOT allowed.

1.1: Advertising within the chatbox without the permission of an SAA administrator.

1.2: Typing unneeded and inappropriate content over and over again.

2: Bad language is forbidden within the chatbox.

2.1: Flaming and/ or degrading another member.

2.2: Use of discriminatory and/ or derogatory terms is forbidden.

3: Keep away from subjects related to the following: religion, politics, personal life, and sexuality.

4: Avoid arguments with other members of the chat.

5: Don't post adult content.

Warning System

1st Warning: You will be given a verbal warning and nothing will be taken from you.

2nd Warning: You will lose all of your Gold.

3rd Warning: You will lose all of your Gold and will be banned for 3 days.

4th Warning: You will lose all of your Gold, removed from all Dorms and will be banned for 7 days.

5th Warning: You will lose all of your Gold, will not be able to partake in any event, and will be banned for 30 days.

6th Warning: You will be IP banned.

*Punishments may also vary depending on the situation and the admin*

Thank you,
SAA staff crew

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Academy Rules
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