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 Kuroi's intro

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PostSubject: Kuroi's intro    Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:17 pm

Hello. like it states above this is my intro.
ill just label some decks and other stuff that i like along with other stuff
Top 3 favorite decks
1. Reptilianne
2. Blackwing
3. Gishki

3 things about myself
1, I Parkour and freerun
2. I breakdance
3. I Love tacos

3 things i dislike
1. arrogant people
2. bullies
3. smart asses

3 generes of music i like
1, Punk Rock
2. Dubstep
2, J-Pop/Core

that's some stuff but not all
Please feel comfortable around me though i am nice and friendly
also my DN is Sonicriders20x if any of you are up for a duel
also don't hesitate to Inbox me any concerning things about the acad  and/or students or staff.
Please have a nice day :3
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Kuroi's intro
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